Collateral Swap

Leverging the composability of open protocols in #DeFi, Swap or Release the underlying collateral of your loan position to a different asset.
Built on Ethereum, leverging Aave's flash loans, MakerDAO's vaults, and Uniswap's DEX.

Status: Active.


An experiment in sentiment analysis trading for bitcoin and ethereum.
This turned out to be an ambitious and complex project, both technically and intellectually.

Status: Inactive, open sourced. May revive in different market conditions.


A simple tool to monitor your CDPs (a collaterized debt position in crypto), and be (push) notified when it approaches danger zones.
A fun and relatively simple project, with a handful of people making use of it.

Status: Killed. Didn't have time and traction to update it for MCDs.


Utilising crypto-economic primitives and our experience in community building, we built a prototype tool to create more sustainable and engaged communities.
Quite a technical and blockchain specific project, we deployed it to a few small local communities.

Status: Killed, open sourced. Too early in the adoption lifecycle.

#BUIDL Amsterdam

A way to bring developers, designers, and others working in the Amsterdam blockchain space together. We had a small but very engaged community of 100+ people.
We built the community differently from other meetups (part of which included no 'selling' and no pizza).

Status: On-hold, pending (time) resources.

Building, researching, consulting, and investing (small amounts) in crypto and decentralised projects. We've been involved in the space since 2014 and believe in the world changing impact of decentralised ecosystems.

Status: Active

Pixel Ecosystem

A speculative project aimed at verifying engagment to prevent bots and fake profiles in social media and beyond. This was an R&D project from a publicly listed Australian company, which ultimately got shelved.
I was GM of the project and worked with the executive team to come up with the concept (I even wrote a whitepaper!)

Status: Killed, never went live.

A fun way for kids to learn and practice mathematics with educational games. The hope being that if they engage more, then it'll open up their future to STEM careers and opportunities. More than 1 million downloads and 15 million sessions of plays.

Status: Inactive, but products available (and being used).

DJ Institute

A course to learn about music, performance, and to be self sufficient. More than 10,000+ students have participated on Udemy and YouTube. I was a DJ for 7 years and increased my confidence, public speaking, and cold sales skills. These types of skills can, and have changed the lives of many students.

Status: Inactive, but freely available.


I occasionally give talks, mainly in the cryptocurrency or technical space.
Below are some that were recorded.